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Nebula Boost


Easy to use, well made, a reasonable size so can be placed on a kitchen surface, shelf etc without looking out of place. Very little smell and that was really only at the end when the process was finished and you opened it after cooling. Top stuff”

By Mr. Charles M. Bircham (UK)

"Get this one !! Great value for money , quality parts and easy to use ! What more can you want ! No odour so really discreet and covert , a must for decarbing in preparation for your edibles. Best one I’ve seen A*"

By Jake (UK)

"Simple and Perfect to use. This is a fast and easy way to decarb your herb and get it ready for whatever the process. 10/10 from me"

By Orla Barry (UK)

SMELL FREE, Absolutely loved it made it so much easier, decaf bing in my oven used to stink my flat out! Now I’m making butter and oil with ease 👊🍃 fantastic bit of kit, so easy to use, smell free, definitely recommend”

By Gem_Mark (UK)

"Great product for first time user, Well worth the money, I purchased this to infuse plant material for essential oils and this is really easy to use without the overpowering smells flooding the house. Being a first time user and learning as I go there is a lot of useful information with this and I have already suggested to a couple of friends they should invest in one of these too. Very impressed, great product."

By Craig (UK)

"100% better than manual methods. This is such a brilliant device. Ovens are so unreliable as they don't hold the heat well.
I've tested the results with the the same material. One in the oven. The other in Nebula Boost and there is a distinct difference. Color is not so rich in the oven and the end result (tincture) spoke for itself!"

By Amazon Customer (UK)

“Super schnelle Lieferung, gut Verpackt. Anleitung ( English) sauber und gut zu Lesen, gibt Infos auf der Herstellerseite und Videos. Gerät sauber verarbeitet. Betrieb Reibungs- und Geruchlos. Bin mehr als zufrieden.”

By Alles Gut (Germany)

"Stunningly great product, such a great product.
My girlfriend is also happy she can use the oven again. It contains the smell and is really small in size.
The delivery was also really fast*"

By Andrea Colarieti Tosti (Germany)

"The best Decarb method. The Nebula Boost is an excellent device. There’s no smell when decarbing. The default temp and time decarbs the buds perfectly."

By Mohammed Azeem (UK)

Recommend. Great little machine , works perfectly. Very happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend.”

By Sheridon Marcel Vasconcelles (UK)

"Parfait, Très bon produit. Livraison rapide et en tous points conforme à la description."

By Zebulon (France)

"Essenziale per evitare odore. Essenziale se si vuole eseguire il procedimento limitando l'odore. Attimi risultati anche se prezzo altino"

By Casper (Italy)

A great little home unit. 🛸well made, easy to use and discreet. will be using this little beauty regularly. Have been using this product for a little while now, and has worked well for me. It may not suit every one as has a smaller chamber than some, but has been perfect for me. I would highly recommend this product. ❤️🛸”

By Harry (UK)

"Works great! It worked out perfectly for me, I mixed with coconut oil and made tea, I wasn't sure how it would work but omg, love it, need to try some food now, thanks!
Please note, the silicone lid may get sucked in a little during cool down, but this didn't bother me as it does just tighten up the seal. Also the only thing I would have liked to see is the plastic lid being a screw top as them it would have a better seal, cause I could still smell if very up close.
Overall I love it"

By Azi (UK)

"Highly recommended. Great product, easy to use and keeps odour release to a minimum. Great service and fast delivery from seller. Highly recommended!"

By Elmo (UK)

Perfect. Amazing product. Can be used to decarb and/or infuse. Don't need to buy any silicone inserts or extras. Works perfectly everything and produces a consistent end product.

I much prefer this product to the Ardent products and Magic Butter kits due to the ease and simplicity of use.”

By Stu (UK)

"For he price and end result, just click Buy it Now! It arrived and I had it set up in minutes. Easy to follow instructions. Compact and well built.
I made some lavender infused oil, the process was straight forward and the end result was AMAZING!
The price is very good compared to other appliances that do exactly the same as this. If you have been looking at similar products believe me, paying for the most expensive ones that do the same as this doesn't always mean they're better."

By Heath (UK)

"Perfect, easy to use, 5* from the dudes at Nebula. Looks great, packaging is great and the overall feel of the product is fantastic. Had a read through of the handbook and everything looks perfect, and easy to follow. Much better than the overpriced alternatives.

Job well done, already used it and it’s great would recommend to anyone to ditch the fluctuating oven problem and get one of these!"

By Adam (UK)

Straight forward/easy to use... I liked every thing about the product.. It dose what is says on the tin.. Excellent product makes every thing so easy/straight forward.. I should have obtained one the day the item was available - in stead of trying to decarb in the oven.. Thank you to your company for making edibles a lot easier..”

By Anthony (UK)

"Excellent decarboxylator. Absolutely love this little machine it’s very easy to use. I use mostly for decarbing my “herbs” before making my teas, and it works perfectly. Looking forward to experimenting with my recipes.

Worth every penny."

By Samantha Young (UK)

"Highly recommend. Excellent little machine. So easy to set up and use. I kept checking the temperature during the process and it stayed consistent all the way through. Decarbing and infusing in the same cup keeps it clean and no guess work. Love it."

By Daniel (UK)

Great little tool. Great little addition to the kitchen. love the closed silicone lid. The only thing that I can see that could be improved is the clips for the twist on top lid. As it has a tendency to pop off every now and again once it gets up to temperature.”

By Jasper (UK)

"Brilliant Product. Really good product and well made easy to use and a lot cheaper than the ardent nova ( which is hard to get) quick delivery, came the next day.
It’s great no more stinking out the house after trying to decarb with the oven."

By Andrew Jackson (UK)

"Grrreeat product. Really easy to use and does exactly what it promises in it's description... Very happy wih purchase 🐎🐿️🦄😘🐶🐾💜"


Excellent product. It works really well at activating herb. It is a compact size and easy to shove in a cupboard out the way once finished. The settings are easy to use and there is no smell given off when in use.”

By Arianne (UK)

"Worth it. Brilliant works perfect very little smell especially compared to the oven method chuck it in and press one button easy honestly little expensive but worth it"

By Harriz88 (UK)

"Does What It Is Designed to Do. This item is much cheaper than the competition; Ardent Nova.

It does what it is designed to do. I have no complaints."

By Anonymous One (UK)

Works great. Much easier and more reliable than using an oven, pop the top on, press the button and let it get on with it. Well built, sturdy and with a clear instruction manual.”

By Mr. G. White (UK)

"Ease of use! Very straightforward! Saves all hassle and time of using kitchen appliances. Less washing up etc. A good quality product which I would highly recommend."

By Alex 440456 (UK)

"Efficient and Effective. Simple to use. Noiseless and easy to set up. An added bonus that you can set both the temperature and times. Sturdy and well made."

By Ms B. (UK)

Great quality product. Lovely machine feels and looks good quality great temp settings easy to use quiet perfect”

By  keeley doveston (UK)

"Brilliant product. Easy to use , minimal smell except when opening the lid but still less smell than expected ! Has transformed by treats from an 8/10 to a 10/10."

By Callum (UK)

"Surprising results. Great wee gaget. It was easy to use and was very surprised with the results its value for money."

By Big clark (UK)

Great! Great product and easy to use!”

By Big Slab (UK)

"5 stars for a reason! So good and easy to use. Definitely by far the best decarboxylator on the market for the price, would definitely recommend for first time cooks."

By Josh (UK)

"Good back up service and prompt attention.highly recomended. product performed well and was well worth the price. would not be without it now."

By John Smith (UK)

Nice little device. The Nebula Boost is an excellent device. There’s no smell when decarbing. The default temp and time decarbs the buds perfectly.”

By Mrs. Denise Morrison (UK)

"It is a great machine and value for money. It is a grear machine and great value for money. It is great it is small as u get put it a away. My Husband love it.."

By Lynne (UK)

"Decarbox some herbz. Brilliant, delivered earlier than said. It's already in use ☺️ let's get baked"

By Jay Moss (UK)

Fantastic. Brilliant and easy to use”

By Amanda Buckler (UK)

"Dose exactly as advertised. I love this product is very easy and simple to use and is compact and small for transportation."

By C (UK)

"Awesome product ! Super easy to use no smell and is super safe !"

By Seba (UK)

Worth the buy. Worked perfectly just as the manual says and absolutely simple and easy to setup.”

By Karl Eriksson (UK)

"Great price! Great gadget! Awesome tool. Half price of others too so you can’t go wrong!!"

By Chris Barton (UK)

"Awesome product! Awesome product and a must for any edibles fans out there."

By  Joel Stuart (UK)

High everyone. One look is heavenly, one bong has me decarboxylating all night long.”

By Ryan McLovin (UK)

"Recommended. Great piece of equipment! Very simple to use and exceeds expectation."

By Arminas Jurgaitis (UK)

"Ace. Does it’s job perfectly !!"

By Richard (UK)

Life saver. Works wonderfully, saves sooo much time!”

By Kristjan Benjaminsson (UK)

"Good buy recommended. Great product so far does the job well."

By Miss louise Collett (UK)

"Easy. Must buy for edibles! Piece of cake."

By Ry (UK)

Perfect bit of kit. The product itself is perfect. drastically reduces the cooking odour from the herbs, and infuses oils perfectly.”

By Chris Smeaton (UK)

"Super easy to use. Makes decarbing effortless! I like that you can just plug it in and go. Really easy to use. Once on push the middle button. Select your time and temperature then press the middle button to start the cycle."

By Scott Coates (UK)

"Life changing. Absolutely amazing product game changer! So much cheaper and better than the ardent nova stupid to not buy this product."

By Max Dimon (UK)

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