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Manguito de infusión Nebula Boost

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Manguito de infusión Nebula Boost

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El manguito de infusión Nebula Boost tiene una calidad superior de resistencia al calor de alta temperatura y está diseñado específicamente para ser utilizado con el descarboxilador e infusor Nebula Boost para maximizar la cantidad de capacidad de la combinación de hierba/aceite o hierba/mantequilla que se infunde en una sola vez. Se coloca dentro de la cámara del descarboxilador e infusor Nebula Boost.

El manguito de infusión se utiliza para infundir hierbas comestibles (ideal para la mantequilla infundida, el aceite de coco infundido, las tinturas, etc.) O para el aceite de masaje medicinal de hierbas, el bálsamo para el dolor, las lociones, el tónico facial de flores, etc.

Customer Reviews

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peter mitchell
perfect tool.

this is a must have addition , perfect for infusion.


It's really all that you need to cpomplete nebula boost...

Leon Edwards
Infusion sleeve

What a great product, I’ve been able to infuse, Vape liquid (pg) with great success, and the coconut oil & syrup are amazing!

Phil B
Finally, cost effective decarboxylation!

Small quantity infusions are now possible. Prep time consistently under 10mins & the decarb cycle and infusion can be achieved in 3hrs. So simple to use and maintain. Proudly on display on kitchen worktop. Predict many happy years ahead with my new nebula boost. Thoroughly recommend.

Steven Moore
A great addition.

A great addition to my Nebula Boost Decarboxylator, I now have everything I need to decarb and infuse my "herbal medication" in one convenient and easy to use package. Excellent.


Nebula Infusion Sleeve Details: · 

  • Consists of silicone rubber material which is durable in structure and has outstanding high-temperature heat resistance. 
  • Maximizes the capacity amount of herb/oil or herb/butter combination to be infused at one-time.
  • Infuse safely and easy to clean after use.
  • Fits perfectly inside the Nebula Boost chamber.   
  • Includes; 1-year warranty.
  • Dimensions:  height 9.8cm, diameter 7.5cm
  • Maximum capacity: Volume 300ml (do not fill to maximum)
  • Material: silicone rubber