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Descompensador y manga de infusión Nebula Boost

£114.99 £144.98 guardando £29.99
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Descompensador y manga de infusión Nebula Boost

£114.99 £144.98 guardando £29.99
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Infusor de hierbas y descarboxilador rápido, incluye un recipiente libre de desorden con tapa de silicona + funda de infusión

Hemos desarrollado un descarboxilador que es discreto, portátil, fiable y fácil de usar en casa que activa completamente su material para una potencia mucho más alta proporcionando un mejor control que las fluctuaciones de un horno que lleva a quemar el material o a no activarlo completamente.

Beneficios del descarboxilador Nebula Boost

  • Le permite despreocuparse del complicado y preciso proceso de tiempo, temperatura y atmósfera.
  • Aumenta la potencia y la pureza gracias al control preciso del tiempo y la temperatura en comparación con los antiguos métodos tradicionales de horno.
  • Reduce los residuos al no quemar el material
  • Reduce los olores indeseados del hogar

Beneficios de la manga de infusión Nebula

El manguito de infusión Nebula Boost tiene una calidad superior de resistencia al calor a alta temperatura y está diseñado específicamente para ser utilizado con el descarboxilador e infusor Nebula Boost para maximizar la cantidad de capacidad de la combinación hierba/aceite o hierba/mantequilla que se infunde en una sola vez. Se coloca dentro de la cámara del descarboxilador e infusor Nebula Boost.

El manguito de infusión se utiliza para infundir hierbas comestibles (ideal para la mantequilla infundida, el aceite de coco infundido, las tinturas, etc.) O para el aceite de masaje medicinal de hierbas, el bálsamo para el dolor, las lociones, el tónico facial de flores, etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Robert Dean
Does what it says on the tin

Made some gummies with the help of this and ended up taking 6 of us to the moon

Great device

Brilliant little device. I now use it to decarb prior to vaping. The silicone sleeve is great for making oils. Plus once decarb'd I can just sprinkle and eat if feeling lazy.
I've recommended to family and friends.

Great customer service, even after purchase. Some suppliers aren't interested in customer feedback but great response from this company.
Silicone lid does have a tenancy to get sucked in at end of decarb cycle and release some smell but too bad.
I do fairly large batches so only need to use every couple of months.

D Thompson
Nebula Boost Decarboxylator & Infusion Sleeve

Great value for money, and a works as described.

Mrs Johnson
Bang tidy bit of kit!

A must have for anyone needing to discreetly decarb their herb. No smells, perfect decarb every time and very easy to use. Sits discreetly on the side in the kitchen.

jamie walker
Game changer

So I'm new to the non-smoking of herb, so looked into this way to prepare my fix in different ways. It is so easy to use and there is no smale no mess. I've used it 3 times I a few days, made banana bread worked out that 11mg of oil in each slice 1/2ld loaf 8 bits.. I was away with the fairy's for 3 hours. Next job is tincture. I'll keep you posted but if you cook you will save a fortune.




Nebula Infusion Sleeve Specifications:

  • Consists of silicone rubber material which is durable in structure and has outstanding high-temperature heat resistance. 
  • Maximizes the capacity amount of herb/oil or herb/butter combination to be infused at one-time.
  • Infuse safely and easy to clean after use.
  • Fits perfectly inside the Nebula Boost chamber.   
  • Includes; 1-year warranty.
  • Dimensions: height 9.8cm, diameter 7.5cm
  • Maximum capacity: Volume 300ml (do not fill to maximum)
  • Material: silicone rubber