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How to decarb video

Infusion has been an eye opener for me and it has quickly become my favourite sport. There’s so much you can do when you infuse decarb botanicals with coconut oil and trust me, there is excitement and wonder when you accept that edibles can actually be the inferior product you’re making with your decarb botanicals. A wild claim, I know, but there is no lie here. Before we go any further please heed my warnings – Once you take a peek down this rabbit hole you will fall deep. Decarb botanical topicals are wild. Coconut oil is a base for so many ‘make at home’ products so infused coconut oil… YES PLEASE. Bath bombs and bath salts become super charged with calm, detoxifying salts get a super charged kick. Creams and salves become pain relief, heal tattoos and soothe burns. 

First things first. Lets infuse our coconut oil. The Nebula Boost both decarboxylates and infuses. Its maximum capacity is one ounce of herby materials and 300ml of the liquid/oils you are infusing. There is no minimum on this machine which is a blessing for personal consumers, other machines on the market have a MINIMUM of an ounce and in certain parts of the world that is unrealistic and unaffordable, unless you’re making batches I consider the bigger capacity machines a bit overkill.


Pop the material in the inner silicone pot, add the lid, press two buttons, wonder what you’re supposed to do now you don’t have to check the oven every five minutes to make sure you’ve not tuned everything into CBN and you could always spend some time thinking how refreshing to have something that you don’t need an engineering degree to operate because it actually does what it says.

The first time I used it I was convinced it wasn’t turned on because firstly, it seemed almost too simple and most confusingly where was the smell? I needed to check that I hadn’t gone nose blind because I was sat next to the Nebula Boost from the start so I rang my Mum and asked her to come around, I didn’t tell her why but as soon as she came through the door the test started.

‘Does it smell of weed in here Mum?’ ‘No’ ‘Wahooo’


  • 1 cup of Coconut oil
  • 1 cup of Mango butter
  • 2 tablespoons of Beeswax pellets (candela can be used as a vegan alternative)
  • Essential oils are optional.


Melt the oil, butters and beeswax in a double boiler stirring gently, once the ingredients have combined pour them into your jar and leave to cool and set. I reuse jars from around the kitchen but for the blog I’ve bought some fancy packaging that’s widely available online, they’re instantly super special for gifts or even to yourself because you are super special and deserve that extra ummphhh.